Fertility Acupuncture in SouthportFor Merseyside and Liverpool

Pricing Options

CONSULTATION (1hr) - £75

In our first appointment, I will take a full medical case history, a full diagnosis of your menstrual cycle including a Tongue assessment and Abdominal palpitation and diagnosis. Then I will give you a Report based upon my Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, prognosis and an initial treatment plan.

I will prepare a Fertility Report of my findings with recommendations on required Treatments you may need, and with advice given for any required Hormone or Blood tests to improve diagnosis and treatment outcomes. All dietary, nutritional support and lifestyle advice will also be included.

Treatment Options:

Pay per session
Each Fertility session costs - £55

Discount Packages:

12 Week Prepaid Plan - £565

4 Month Prepaid Plan: 17 sessions - £765

All Payments are due immediately after Treatment, cash or card is accepted.


Female Sex Hormone Testing (Day 3 test)
Progesterone (Day 21 test)
AMH (egg reserve).....each £79

Additional specialised tests can be run for Thyroid, Auto Immune, NK Killer, Thrombin, Recurrent Implantation Failures, Multiple Miscarriages etc....price upon application.

Our trained Phlebotomist blood draws for hormone tests, vitamin deficiencies etc - £30

Full Private Sperm Analysis tests, via Mojo - £150 (home test with 48hr turnaround of results).

Antral Follicle Scans and PCOS/Endometrium Scans, Gyne Health Scans - £79.

Pricing. Medicash

Health Insurance

Most major health insurance providers, especially Medicash and Simply Health, will reimburse you for the cost of your Acupuncture treatment, but please check with your insurer before our initial appointment.

After each treatment, I will give you full documented receipts, which will allow you to apply for a refund with your insurer.

Pricing. Simply Health

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