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Q1. Does Acupuncture hurt?

A1. We only use very fine (0.16mm gauge) Japanese needles, thinner than a cat's whisker! Sensations are a slight buzz, tingle or a gnats bite.

Q2. How many sessions will it take?

A2. We recommend a MINIMUM of 3 menstrual cycles of treatment (12 weekly sessions). Getting pregnant and preparing a woman's body for pregnancy takes time and naturally it takes a woman's body at least 3 months to grow an antral follicle and improve the blood quality/endometrium. Any underlying health issues may also need to be addressed first.

Q3. When should I start Fertility Acupuncture if I'm having IVF/IUI?

A3. We prefer to start treating ladies a minimum of 3 months before they start on their ART journey. This has a more successful outcome as we focus on trying to boost egg quality, endometrium and/or sperm, not egg quantity which the IVF clinics focus upon.

Q4. Do you treat Male Sperm issues?

A4. Yes we do, as we are finding that 40% of a couple's infertility issues are the male factor. Points are mainly located in the lower leg and hands! It takes about 90 days to improve sperm with weekly Acupuncture, diet advice and supplements.

Q5. What other therapies do you utilise?

A5. Besides Fertility diets, supplemental and lifestyle advice, we also utilise Chinese Cupping, Spinal Manipulation and Heat therapy for back pain, pelvic/hip imbalances, period pains and poor circulation. For those ladies with poor circulation we offer heat pads for the lower abdomen to ensure the womb is warm and nourished with good blood flow.

Ovarian massage techniques can also be shown for your partner to practice during ovulation and to help period pains.

Relaxation and meditation techniques can also be taught for highly stressed individuals, as I'm a qualified Yoga Teacher.

Q6. What age group do you specialise in treating?

A6. Mainly 35 to 45yrs.......we specialise in treating the more difficult or complex cases.

Q7. I work all week do you offer late evenings, Bank Holiday or weekend treatments?

A7. Yes we do offer late night appointments in the week and only treat IVF/ICSI/IUI patients at the weekend and Bank Holidays for egg collection and transfers.

Q8. How successful have you been?

A8. This is difficult to measure as we treat a diverse range of patients and specialise in the older lady or those with difficult underlying fertility issues such as multiple miscarriages, PCOS, Endometriosis, amenorrhea, Recurrent Implantation Failures, and hormonal imbalances. No one can guarantee the outcome, even the average live birth rate for IVF at the Hewitt Centre is only 23% per embryo.

What we can say is that you should significantly experience less period pains and cramping, a more regular cycle, an improvment in blood circulation, improved sleep and less stress with more feelings of well being. With less chances of a miscarriage in the 1st trimester.

Fertility Acupuncture has also been shown, in smaller studies, to increase IVF outcomes to approx 42% live birth rates, see Fertility & Sterility Report .

However a picture paints thousand words, see below:

FAQ. More baby photos

Q9. Do you offer treatment for same sex couples?

A9. Yes we treat a wide range of different patients from same sex couples, single ladies, donor eggs, donor womb etc...

Q10. Are your premises Covid Secure?

A10. Under the various Tiers and current Lockdown restrictions we are exempted and classified as medical or other health services in a clinical setting.

We follow all Governmental hygiene and sanitised procedures wearing full PPE, all masks are worn, temperature taken upon arrival.

We have undertaken our Risk Assessment and have our Track and Trace QR Code certificate. For new patients we require online Covid Triage questionnaires, Covid Consent forms and Medical Case History forms to be completed first before entry into our clinics. Anyone displaying Covid symptoms or has been in touch with anyone with Covid in the past 14 days or is clinically vulnerable will not be admitted.

For those who prefer we can offer an online Consultation before we begin any treatment.

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